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What If I Feel Anxious?

During this time, the patient can choose to have no teeth, or wear immediate dentures. Fitted directly after tooth extraction, immediate dentures ensure there’s no awkward toothless period. When the gums have adjusted, the patient returns to the dental office to have the dentures relined them to fit the mouth’s new shape.
Implant-supported dentures can also help younger people’s fears that others may notice and comment on their dentures. Regular dentures in the lower mouth are not as secure in the mouth as upper dentures (due to the presence of the tongue), and they sometimes slip, but implant-supported dentures offer a high level of security. The dentist or dental specialist surgically inserts implants into the jawbone to hold the denture tightly to the gum. Keep in mind the process for fitting implant-supported dentures takes several months, and there must be sufficient jawbone to hold the implants in place.

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Equilibrated Complete Dentures, also called “Balanced Dentures”, are a coordinated system of products, instruments and set-up techniques that capture excellent esthetics as well as provide for precision fit with excellent function. The Equilibrated Denture technique was systematically designed to create dentures with ideal form, function and esthetics. It combines proven techniques, technology, and uses the most accurate materials available resulting in:

  • Superior chewing ability.
  • Ultimate fit and comfort.
  • A life-like appearance.
  • Improved Stability.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Fewer adjustments which means fewer visits to the clinic.

From preliminary impressions through to the finished dentures, specialized procedures, materials and equipment are used to ensure a precise fit to simulate correct jaw movement and function. If you are looking for a denture that is remarkably natural, esthetic in appearance, and functions more like natural teeth, an Equilibrated Denture may be the answer.